Spanish Words That Start With W

Are you curious about Spanish words that start with the letter “w”?

Although “w” is not a native letter in the Spanish alphabet, it is present in some loanwords, mainly from English and German.

Learning these words can expand your vocabulary and provide insights into the influence of other languages on Spanish.

In this post, we’ll explore some common Spanish words that begin with the letter “w”, their meanings, and how to use them in context.

Spanish Words That Start With W

These are some common words that you might use or listen to when having conversations with native speakers.


A strong, pale brown alcoholic drink, originally from Scotland and Ireland, made from grain such as barley, maize, or rye

SPAQuiero otra copa de whisky
ENI want another whisky shot
SPAQuiero otra copa de whisky
ENI want another whisky shot


Water polo is a game played in the water in which two teams of swimmers try to get the ball into the other team’s goal

SPA¿Quieres jugar Waterpolo?
ENDo you want to play Waterpolo?
SPASoy parte de un equipo de Waterpolo
ENI am part of a waterpolo team


A set of pages of information on the internet about a particular subject, published by a single person or organization

SPANecesito una web para mi negocio
ENI need a website for my business
SPAMi web ha sido hackeada
ENMy web has been hacked


An occasion when a group of people goes on the internet at the same time to study and discuss something

SPATengo que participar en un webinar
ENI have to participate in a webinar
SPAEs un webinar gratuito
ENIt is a free webinar


A system for connecting electronic equipment such as computers and electronic organizers to the internet without using wires

SPA¿Tienes la contraseña del Wi-Fi?
ENDo you have the Wi-Fi password?
SPALa cafeteria ahora ofrece Wi-Fi gratis
ENThe coffee shop now offers free wi-fi.


A sport in which you sail across the water by standing on a board and holding onto a large sail

SPAYo hago windsurfing en la mayoria de las tardes
ENI go windsurfing most afternoons.
SPAVoy a hacer windsurf todo el tiempo
ENI am gonna windsurf all day long.


A type of bread or cake made from batter cooked in a special pan whose surface forms a pattern of raised squares

SPAQuiero comer waffles
ENI want to eat waffles
SPAElla preparo waffles
ENShe made waffles

Spanish Words With W

These are Spanish words with W


The physical and electronic parts of a computer, rather than the instructions it follows.

SPAYo estoy probando este software
ENI am testing this software


The instructions that control what a computer does; computer programs.

SPAYo estoy probando este software
ENI am testing this software


A sport originally from Korea, in which people fight with arms, legs, and feet. It is similar to karate.

SPAYo practico Taekwondo
ENI practice Taekwondo
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