Sentences with Ser or Estar: Guide and Exercises

If you are learning Spanish, you will undoubtedly encounter the verbs “ser” and “estar” when you listen to or read in Spanish.

In English, you have the verb “to be, however in Spanish you have to study both “ser” and “estar”

There are several indication within the context so you can figure out when to use “ser” and when to use “estar”

These are some example sentences with the verbs “ser”

#1Yo soy desarollador web
#2Tu eres una buena persona
#3Nosotros somos buenos amigos
#1Yo estoy contigo
#2Nosotros estamos en Brazil
#3Ellos estan enfermos

In this article, we will explore the basics of “ser” and “estar” sentences and provide some tips for proper usage.

The Basics of the Spanish Verbs “Ser” and “Estar”

“Ser” and “estar” do not follow the regular conjugation patterns of other verbs.

“Ser” is used to express the identity, characteristics, and permanent qualities of someone or something. In contrast, the verb “estar” is used to express temporary conditions or states.

“Ser” is conjugated in the present tense as follows:

Spanish English
Yo soyI am
Tú eresYou are
Él esHe is
Ella esShe is
Eso esIt is
Ustedes sonYou are
Nosotros somosWe are
Ellos sonThey are

“Estar” is conjugated in the present tense as follows:

Spanish English
Yo estoyI am
Tú estasYou are
Él estaHe is
Ella estaShe is
Eso estaIt is
Ustedes estanYou are
Nosotros estamosWe are
Ellos estanThey are

Tips for Proper Usage of “Ser” and “Estar” Sentences

These are the uses of “ser” in Spanish

  • Use “ser” for identity and professions: For example, “Soy de México” (I am from Mexico), or “Ella es profesora” (She is a teacher).
  • Use “ser” with physical and personal characteristics: For example, “El es alto y delgado” (He is tall and slim), or “Ella es inteligente y amable” (She is intelligent and kind).
  • Use “ser” with dates and times: For example, “Hoy es martes” (Today is Tuesday), or “Son las dos de la tarde” (It is 2 o’clock in the afternoon).
  • Use “ser” with locations: For example, “La fiesta es en mi casa” (The party is at my house).
  • Use “ser” in impersonal expressions: Impersonal expressions are phrases that do not refer to a specific person or thing. For example, “Es importante estudiar” (It is important to study).

These are the uses of “Estar” in Spanish

  • Location: “Estar” is used to express where something or someone is located. For example: “Estoy en la casa” (I am at home).
  • Emotions and feelings: “Estar” is used to express temporary emotions or feelings. For example: “Estoy feliz” (I am happy).
  • Health: “Estar” is used to describe a temporary physical or mental state of health. For example: “Estoy cansado” (I am tired).
  • Condition or state: “Estar” is used to describe the current state or condition of something or someone. For example: “La comida está fría” (The food is cold).

Sentences with “Ser” or “Estar”

Here are some examples of sentences with “ser”:

ESYo soy estudiante.
ENI am a student.
ESTú eres inteligente.
ENYou are intelligent
ESÉl es alto
ENHe is tall
ESNosotros somos de España
ENWe are from Spain
ESVosotros sois simpáticos
ENYou all are nice.
ESEllos son médicos.
ENThey are doctors

Sentences with “Estar”

Here are some examples of sentences with “estar”:

ESEstoy cansado
ENI am tired
ESElla está feliz.
ENShe is happy
ESEl libro está sobre la mesa.
ENThe book is on the table
ESEstamos en el parque.
ENWe are in the park
ESEl cielo está despejado.
ENThe sky is clear.
ESEstás listo para jugar
ENYou are ready to play
ESLa comida está caliente.
ENThe food is hot.
ESEstá oscuro en la habitación
ENIt’s dark in the room

Exercise: Ser and Estar


Complete the sentences with the right form of the verb “ser”

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