What Does Mae Mean in Costa Rica?

If you’ve ever been to Costa Rica or found yourself participating in conversations with Ticos Online, you’ve probably come across the word “mae.”

“mae” has become an integral part of Costa Rican slang, so friends might greet you with a warm “¡Qué, mae!” or “¡Pura Vida, mae!”

Mae is the Tico way of saying “buddy” or “dude,” and it means, there is a sense of familiarity, a shared connection among amigos.

Let’s check some exchanges that include the word “mae” so you can use correctly with your friends or people you know

Greetings that Include the Word “mae”

These are some examples of greeting that include the word “mae”

  • Pura Vida Mae.
  • Qué Mae, todo bien.
  • Todo bien Mae.
  • ¿Como va todo Mae?

Is “Mae” Informal?

Yes, “mae” is indeed an informal term in Costa Rican Spanish. It’s commonly used among friends, peers, or in casual settings.

It might be considered too informal for more formal or professional situations. In such contexts, it’s advisable to use more standard and polite language.

I don’t use the word “mae” to refer to my family members or people that I highly respect.

What’s the Female for for Mae?

Mae applies for both man and woman.

You can say “una mae” or “esa mae” when talking about a woman.

ESEsa mae vive en Pavas
ENThat girl vive en Pavas

What’s the Plural for Mae?

The plural for mae is maes

ESEsos maes están locos
ENThose dudes are crazy
ESEsos maes no son de acá
ENThose dudes are not from around here

Sentences and Questions with “Mae”

These are some sentences and question that include the word “mae”

ESMae ¿Hizo la tarea?
ENDude, Did you do the homework?
ESMae, conteste el telefono
ENDude, pick up the phone
ESMae, ¿donde esta?
ENDude, Where are you?
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