Sentences with Querer


In this lesson you are going to learn how to make sentences with the verbo “querer” “Querer” is “to have” in English and it used a lot by spanish Spanish speakers. These are are some sentences with “querer” Yo quiero ir a la playa I want to go to the beach Yo quiero viajar I … Read more

Questions with Quién


There are many types of questions you can make in Spanish and in this post, you will find lots of examples of questions with quién Quién is the Spanish word we use for “who” in a question. It has two forms:  Quién Singular Quiénes Plural Here are some examples of each: Singular: ¿Quién es tu papá? (Who is … Read more

Sentences with Cuando


Question words are very important in all languages, Spanish is not the exception, In this post, you will find examples of the questions with Cuándo. The word “¿cuándo?” means “when?”. It is used to ask questions relating to the time of events. ¿Cuándo vendrás a casa? When will you come home? ¿Cuándo es la cena? When is … Read more

Sentences with Tener


Tener is a verb in spanish that is used to make all kind of sentences These are some examples of sentences with tener Yo tengo que hacer mi tarea Ella tiene que hacer ejercicio Nosotros tenemos que ir a la escuela Let’s check more sentences with tener so you can make your own sentences correctly … Read more